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Mix and match the cupcake of your dreams from the following combinations.



A selection of filled and flavoured cupcakes based on some of our favourite taste combinations.
Banoffee banana cupcake with a yummy caramel centre and a creamy frosting Black Bottomed Love Buns Rich chocolate cupcake with a cheesecake filling baked into it, strawberry frosting and a love heart balanced on top!
Peanut mmmmm peanut butter cupcake and frosting with a secret strawberry jam centre. except i've just told you so it's not a secret anymore. oops! Carrot carrots and oranges and sultanas and a little bit of cinnamon all baked into one cupcake! plus an orange cream cheese frosting to top it all off
Cherry chocolate cupcake with cherry filling, creamy vanilla frosting and a cherry on top. yuuumm!! Lemon Mer lemon cupcake with a zesty lemon curd filling and a very pretty baked meringue topping. just like a lemon meringue pie!
Lemon Sherbet fizz fizz fizz! lemon cupcake with a
bright lemon curd filling and a sharp
sherbet frosting!
Red Velvet The classic recipe; improved by our recipe nerds here at Atomic hq. smooth deep red chocolatey base with creamcheese frosting
So that we can try out new flavours and have lots of seasonal fun, we will have a new flavour (or maybe two) every month. This month's flavour is....... Almondy cupcake, with cherry jam filling, vanilla frosting and a glittery glace cherry on top.